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What can we do to help with climate change?

Keep the Faith

When it comes to climate change, team work really does make the dream work

This past year I’ve been putting a little more thought in to my actions and have been trying to make better choices based on environmental impact rather than just ease or convenience. Which is sometimes easier said than done!

It’s all too easy to believe that what we think and do will not make a difference to the overall outcome. After all, each of us are only a tiny, singular part of a network of 7.7 billion other individuals and if they aren’t changing their ways then what’s the point? Not to mention the humongous landfills of waste, powerstations and factories pouring out colossal amounts of heat and fumes, deforestation and destruction of eco-systems, and unfortunately so much more. I’ve had this conversation with a few people now and admit to feeling disheartened and helpless afterwards. Whilst all of this is happening, what’s the point of changing my ways?

Lately though I’ve started to notice change. More and more people around me are starting to do things differently, buy things differently and use things differently.

It wasn’t that long ago that supermarkets introduced the charge for plastic bags and the nation went in to an uproar, now the majority of shopping bags are re-usable and we have realised the unnecessary amount of waste plastic we were using. The same could be said for single use water bottles and coffee cups, with many establishments offering discounts to fill your reusable mug.

 Opposite: Countries such as Tanzania have completely banned plastic carrier bags. Hopefully actions like these this will inspire other countries to reduce production of single-use plastic products.

These changes may be small, but collectively they matter and if we continue to make little changes then they will continue to grow

We now acknowledge and praise companies with eco-friendly ethics, encouraging more businesses and brands to adapt their processes and use of materials. What perhaps began as an incentive to get an advantage over their competitors, is potentially developing in to a strive to be as ecologically-friendly as possible simply because it needs to happen. A new standard is being set and that’s a huge step forwards.

Opposite: PeakUK’s award-winning recycling process; from plastic bottle to high performance kayaking gear.

The pledges I’m making for 2020 will need a bit of work and commitment, but are totally achievable. Alone, they will not be groundbreaking but together with yours and everyone else’s, they will hopefully help towards our bigger picture.

I am no where near perfect, I have a very long-way to go. I would be a total hypocrite if I judged others and their actions, however that’s the point I’m trying to get out there- this isn’t a competition! It’s quite the opposite in fact. We can only make a difference if we work together. Let’s not forget the reason for making the changes. If each of us can start to make small differences in our everyday life, little adaptions to our daily routines, then we are helping to make the change, as well as influence those around us.

After all, just seeing Betty use a fabric tote bag in Sainsbury’s could be restoring someone else’s faith in the move forwards. 

Go get at it Betty and share a little faith!