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My Climate Change Pledges

Pledging to change

As many of you will know, I am trying to become more conscious of my choices and actions over the next year. Although I generally try to only buy products that I actually need and keep waste as minimal as possible, I do travel A LOT. Hence I want to make some changes that will hopefully improve my environmental impacts



Although I still plan to travel, I will cut down on the amount of flights I take per a year. Last year I was extremely fortunate to experience several amazing countries and be part of some incredible expeditions, which I am truly grateful for. I did do a lot of flying however. So, my first pledge is to take less flights. Where possible, I will travel by other means of transport and limit in particular, internal flights.

Reduce the flights, not the adventures


Working with the experts

Another thing many of you will already know is that I have begun to work in co-operation with rainforest conservation charity, World Land Trust. With the help of many amazing people, a substantial amount of donations have been raised for this incredible charity. The Small Girl Big  Adventure Talk Tour alone has helped to buy and protect over 15 acres of rainforest, contributing to preserving many species of tree, plant and wildlife and therefore maintaining many vital eco-systems.

Through this upcoming year I plan to grow my involvement with World Land Trust, with many more fundraising events and projects, raising both donations and awareness of this charity’s amazing work.

Support the good cause


Use less crap

Yep we’re all guilty of it, particularly when moving around a lot but things like reusable bags, bottles, coffee cups and even wooden tooth brushes, are all readily available now and affordable. It’s just a case of getting in to the habit of using them. One thing I am trying to slot in to my routine is rather than buying another plastic bottle, to use shampoo bars instead. They’re actually pretty great and even cut out the risk of having shampoo leak all over your bag! So no excuses- I’m cutting down on crap!

Minimal guilt, maximum coffee enjoyment! Reusable cups for the win!

So there we are, in the grand scheme of things my pledges are pretty small but they’re a start and I plan to keep growing them

Why am I telling you all this? Basically I want to tell you that you don’t have to be perfect. Very few of us can truthfully say that we are 100% eco-friendly human beings. Try not to be put off or disheartened by everything that you are not doing (yet!), be proud of the things you are working towards and this will keep you going. It’s better to be doing something than thinking ‘What’s the point?’ and doing nothing.

Make some achievable pledges or goals to work towards and start integrating them in to your everyday life. The steps may be small but they are heading in the right direction!